Proposal to Harness the Power of VasWeb for Your Own Vasectomy Practice

Dear Fellow Vasectomist,

Nearly 10 years ago, after 20 years of in-office vasectomy consultations, I developed within my vasectomy website the ability to expedite the consultation process by doing it online. Through a rather thorough vasectomy information page and a counseling video , I conveyed to prospective vasectomy patients all they needed to know about vasectomy. And through an online registration process developed and refined over the past ten years, I acquired all that I needed to know about most patients, at the same time forming a database of all patients (that could be sorted and filtered) with very little input from my own staff. Using the power of the database and mailmerge, I also developed a program that would print (1) Customized Letters to the PCPs and OB/GYNs of couples who choose vasectomy, (2) Thank You Notes to referral sources, (3) Receipts, and (4) Insurance Claim Forms .

Given its longevity, breadth of information and frequent enhancements, VasWeb has also earned a high position in search engines even outside my own service areas in peninsular Florida.

As I get older, I think what a shame it would be to lose this fine program when I retire.

So over the past year, VasWeb has been expanded from a single-user platform to a system designed for multiple users , called VasWeb Vasectomy Doctors, utilizing the URL VasWebDoctors. Any vasectomist is free to design his or her own program. But partnering with VasWebDoctors may be much more cost-effective . Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?

I am also very dedicated to the good reputation of vasectomy , and would like to offer VasWebDoctors to vasectomy practices with high standards of user-friendliness, technical skill (no pain, recognition of AUA Guidelines, low failure and complication rates), and caring follow-up. No one is better able to judge the vasectomy experience than the patients themselves. Patient reviews of each of us will provide future patients with the confidence to proceed with highly rated vasectomy practices and the guidance to steer clear of practices with marginal reviews. However, we will offer helpful advice to those practices with marginal reviews in hopes of improving their customer satisfaction ratings and the reputation of vasectomy in their areas.

During the VasWeb Expansion process, colleague and excellent vasectomist Dr. Don Snyder in Indianapolis has offered valuable advice as VasWebDoctors's "test doctor". Together, we have tried to make VasWebDoctors user friendly for both vasectomy clients and participating doctors.

When men considering vasectomy are referred to VasWebDoctors (by search engines, friends, or advertising), they arrive at a home page which looks like this:

The "Information for Providers" is what you are reading now. If you open VasWebDoctors in a second browser window, you can read along in this window while playing on the site in another, toggling back and forth between the two windows with ctrl-tab if you are using a PC. First, click on any teardrop to open a box with a reference to that vasectomy practice. If you click on the teardrop in Indiana ...
... Don Snyder's practice pops up. The box also contains an average rating of his office. Clicking on the stars provides ratings details and comments from patients. The box also contains a link to his practice website. If the patient likes what he sees in Dr. Snyder's website, he is directed by Don's website or his office staff to go to his Home Page and click on the link to the VasWebDoctors Online Registration page. Here are the home pages of my site with the Online Registration link in green ...

... and Don's site with the Online Registration link in blue:

Again, notice the links to "Online Registration". Clicking on that link brings the patient to a registration page customized by the doctor for his own practice. Feel free to experience the process by registering with my practice as Test Test through the Green Link at my home page. The process involves paying a deposit if the doctor customizes his registration to include a deposit. The deposit goes into the doctor's PayPal account, a process easy to set up for doctors who might like to join VasWebDoctors. As a final step, the patient opts in or out of an opportunity to receive and respond to an e-mail (one month after his vasectomy) that provides a link to a quick rating of his vasectomy experience. These ratings provide the data from which the doctor's average rating is compiled, and the comments given voluntarily by some patients provide a personal touch.

My developer and I have even arranged for the a focused ratings map to be embedded into my personal home page:
Clicking on any teardrop brings up a box with a link to the page for the site and the average star ratings of the site. Clicking on the stars opens the ratings page for that site within This increases the traffic to, which enhances to position of on search engines, which benefits all VasWebDoctors. Such a sub-map can be built into any web page of any VasWebDoctor.

That is all that you can see online for now. We call everything so far the "Front End": (1) the VasWebDoctors Home Page, (2) the doctor's own website, and (3) the Registration page. Now I will show you the "Back End", secure elements that can be seen only by participating doctors and their staffs when they "Log On".
Here is what VasWebDoctors Log-In looks like:

Online Registrations go to a "Holding Area" ...

 ... where they are listed ...
Upon clicking "Review", a patient's data presents itself on a single sheet.
The registration process provides insurance information if applicable, expediting the process of getting that data to confirm insurance coverage. The patient is called to discuss appointment availability, to assign an appointment time, and to acquire payment information (cash, check, CC, insurance, or Title 10). Once the appointment is assigned, the registration is printed for use on the day of the vasectomy, and "Approved" for transfer to the "Main Database" of all patients. By signing the printed copy, the patient acknowledges the accuracy of the data provided.

Individual records or groups of records can be pulled from this large "Main Database" by name, date of procedure, age, zip code, or any combination of many sorting parameters. "Letters and Forms" can be generated from the data in each patient record. These might include Insurance Claim Forms , Thank You Letters to referring physicians, and postal Letters to Patients , such as semen reminders and surveys for research purposes.

To reiterate and summarize:
On the FRONT END: becomes a map-based directory of VasWebDoctors Partners with links to their websites and ratings of their practices. VasWebDoctors also provides a Registration process which (1) enables patients to provide data before their visits without need for staff to read sloppy handwriting and re-enter that data into their own electronic files, (2) enables doctors to accept appointment deposits to minimize no-show rates, and (3) offers patients a ratings and comments opportunity to showcase user-friendly practices and help less friendly practices improve. Thirty days after their vasectomies, the program automatically sends an e-mail to those patients who, during registration, checked a box signifying a willingness to answer a survey. Those 1-5 ratings in 5 categories are tabulated to provide an average for each category, then an overall average. The overall average is displayed within the pop-up box of each VasWebDoctor location

then the visitor can see the details of the 5 categories:

Within the Doctor's website, the Doctor may include links to information and videos about vasectomy in his or her own website, or links back to any of the information in my site (, including my counseling video, with an explanation that the Doctor performs vasectomy using a technique very similar to that of Dr. Stein. If the prospective patient decides to proceed, he clicks a link on the Doctor's website for an online vasectomy registration specific for that Partner. He then Registers Online , providing a credit card deposit if the doctor requires one. Deposits go into the Doctor's PayPal Account (easy to set up and we provide the instructions) and can be transfered to his or her bank account.

On the BACK END, the Doctor designates Users within his or her office to have access to the registration records submitted by patients to the Holding Area ("Review Online Patient Data") of his or her practice.
These records are invisible to other Doctors. A User within that practice can review the record, edit the record, call the patient to assign an appointment date and time (for consultation, vasectomy or both), print the record, and then transfer the electronic record to the existing database of all records of that practice ("Find Patient"). Those records can be sorted and filtered just like the records of any database. The Doctor can also prepare template referral letters or forms ("Letters and Forms") into which the data of any record can be merged. He or she can also Edit Office Information, Providers, and Users with access to his or her online data. If the Doctor requires a deposit, it can be applied toward his or her fee for the consultation or vasectomy. If the vasectomy is covered by insurance, part of the deposit can cover the copay and the rest refunded to the patient's credit card account via PayPal within 60 days or by refund check after 60 days..

Together, Dr. Snyder and I have decided that the fee for the first 10 practices that join VasWeb will be $1200 for the first year ($100 per month), payable at signup, but refundable prorated if requested. We don't know if rates will change, but we certainly do not want to lose Partners because the greater the number of Partners, the better for all of us. If interested, please contact me using the form below. Please provide either a phone number or e-mail address:
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